Your journey to discreet sex freedom begins right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but right now. Whatever romantic crisis or sexual dry spell you’re experiencing in this minute is not relevant. Because you’ve made a decision to give Free Adult Hookups a chance to change your life.

You deserve the best that life has to offer. There is no reason you should be the outlier in your friends’ group. Your time has arrived, so let’s get started.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is join Free Adult Hookups. Get a free membership so that you have access to the singles community. From there, you’ll only need to understand a handful of “ignitors” to get your rocket ship into orbit. “Ignitors” are actions you take to help create sexy sparks with girls you’re interested in.

So let’s Ignite a free sex hookup!

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Set Your Profile Up

You will get a lot more bees with honey. Without honey, you’ll get nothing.

Your Free Adult Hookup profile is the place you put some honey out. As a guy, the honus fall more onto your shoulders to engage single or married girls. But in any case, without a good profile, you’re doomed. When an interested girl, whether you sparked her interest by hitting her up or she found your profile through search, sees a poor, lackluster profile, she disqualifies it immediately.

Think about the number of messages that Free Adult Hookup girls receive on the daily. Why on earth would they want to interact with a guy who’s profile picture is still the default, or who’s bio is a single sentence?

They wouldn’t.

Your Free Adult Hookup profile qualifies you as someone worthy of engagement. Yes, Free Adult Hookup is an adult dating site. You don’t need to portray yourself as a guy who enjoy long walks on the beach. But you do need to say a few things about yourself.

  • What are you looking for? A one-night-stand? Something more frequent?
  • How far are you willing to travel? Yes, you can set your distance parameters in settings, but it does not hurt to express this prominently.
  • Are you discreet? Convey the importance of hookup discretion to your potential counterpart.
  • Anything fun to say? Again, this isn’t a big box dating site, but knowing you enjoy sci-fi novels doesn’t hurt.

In terms of a picture or avatar, we understand you may not want to use your real photo. But rather than leave it blank or fill it with a random dick pic, try these:

  • Use your picture, but blur the face.
  • Use a body shot.
  • Use a picture of something you enjoy, like your favorite craft beer or kettlebell workouts.
  • A caricature resembles you.

The point is, you need to make it appear you made an effort. This signals you’re a legit man looking for some adult hookup fun.

Avoid dick pics. 

Most girls will just assume you want to endlessly scam them for nude pics, or jerk off to the idea that they are looking at your dick.

dick pic adult hookup

It can be fun for a brief period of time pending she’s into it, but after a while, she wants to hookup. You are either the right guy or a waste of energy for her.

Use The Free Adult Hookups Search

Search, Ignite Convo, and Hookup

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As a guy, you can’t just rest on your laurels and hope your ultimate discreet sex fantasy finds you. She may. It happens. But its best to be a proactive member of the Free Adult Hookup community. It increases your odds substantially.

To begin, set your search parameters to realistic settings. Don’t put in 100-mile radius if you will never travel this far. You’ll inundate yourself with dormant opportunities. You want actionable hookup opportunities.

Do not create a template and message every girl you see. Girls snuff out templates and avoid those guys. I know, you think what you’re writing won’t sound like the work of a contrived template writer. But it will. It always does. It backfires and then you’ve burned those girls. Because when you finally come back and decide to message them with something fun and unique, the message history remains.

Get off to a good beginning.

Include an Ice Breaker

Ice Breakers help you inspire a girl to reply to you. You can’t just write, “I like you, let’s hook up,” and expect to win discreet sexual encounters.

Try these:

  • Ask her about her experiences on Free Adult Hookups
  • Find something you have in common with her on her profile
  • Ask her to describe her dream discreet sex hookup

All in all, asking her to talk about her is a good way to break the ice. All people enjoy being asked about themselves, plus, it shows you aren’t some narcissist.

Stay Positive

Yes, this is a hookup site. No, you don’t have to be all Disney eyes with anyone. But positivity helps attract others to your aurora. It’s not all about looks. Most girls go for guys who possess a fun personality because they know that translates into hot sex.

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Self-centered or down-trodden guys are exhausting. Girls want fun, including in the sack. They want confidence. So avoid depressing things in your bio. No one cares if the last girl you had sex with was a flop, or that two girls never replied to your messages. Live in the moment. Be the person you want to be right now. She’ll appreciate you for it and, hey, hopefully, this happens.